A dedicated North American ethical marketing agency, making a difference.

Our team of dynamic leaders and social entrepreneurs help charities and non-profit organizations tell their stories and raise money for their causes.


With an extensive portfolio of charitable causes and various types of marketing campaigns, we have a proven track record of delivering trusted results across North America, year after year.


We provide the roadmap to enter markets coast to coast, acquiring a high level of quality monthly donors, adding thousands of donors each week resulting in millions in charitable revenue.


Our tried and tested heart-to-heart approach builds long-term successful programs for you while enabling our team members to be even better ambassadors for your brand through continuous training and development.

Pioneering Ethical Marketing

Be part of an ethical business that’s (positively) disrupting the industry.

At Common Good, we do things a little differently. Unlike other professional fundraising services, our focus is on creating long-term impact for both our clients and our team members. Our heart-to-heart approach produces long-term, successful programs built on meaningful and honest conversations around our clients’ causes. In the process, we empower team members to become more successful leaders and social entrepreneurs through intensive training and support.

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Dynamic Leadership Training & Development

Be represented by brand ambassadors equipped with solid business and entrepreneurial skills.

Our people are our backbone, which is why we foster a strong culture of leadership within our team of future leaders and social entrepreneurs. All of our members benefit from comprehensive training and development programs and unlimited growth opportunities within our organization. Continuous professional development and skills training helps our team members become even better ambassadors of the charities we represent while helping them along their own business and social entrepreneurship journey.

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Securing Sustainable Donor Support

Fundraise with an organization committed to fostering long-term donor relationships.

Our team members are high-potential professionals passionate about making a difference in this world. Through heart-to-heart acquisition, we build lasting and meaningful connections with donors, helping charities secure long-term support from people in their community. Our team of dedicated changemakers are expertly trained to represent your brand and tell your story, establishing truly organic donor support pathways towards your cause.

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Whether you’re looking to raise funds for your organization or start your career in social entrepreneurship, we’re here to help.